Barefoot vet :

Mobile holistic veterinarian

Holistic Wellbeing Consultation 

    • Holistic veterinary consultations for all animals
    • Puppy and kitten health checks and lifestyle program
    • Geriatric consultations
    • Chronic issues such as arthritis, skin conditions and cancer
    • Herd health strategies for organic farms (Cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens)
    • Teleconsultations for existing clients and/or patients with a recent veterinary visit seeking holistic veterinary advice

    Consultations are available at Milliane Veterinary Clinic in PAMIERS and once per month at Errobia Veterinary Clinic in USTARITZ

    Costs:  45€ for 1-hour consultation plus travel costs (home-visits)



    Barefoot Vet: your holistic veterinarian

    Dr Jodi Sareeta Ruckley
    Jodi’s inspiration comes from her own animal friends, many of which have been her wisest teachers. She will support you to deepen your understanding of your own animal friend’s needs. Jodi also spent years developing her skills in telepathic communication whilst writing a book called ‘Through the eyes of a cow’ and facilitating workshops in animal communication. With an extensive background in business as well as her expertise in holistic veterinary medicine, Jodi is well equipped to partner organic farmers in determining and implementing herd health strategies.

    Her extensive training includes:

    • Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery at Murdoch University 2013-2018
    • Diploma in Naturopathy at the National College of Traditional Medicine in 2011-2013
    • Ka Huna Massage levels 1-6 at Mette’s Institute 2002-2006
    • Massage facilitators training at Mette’s Institute 2005
    • Commenced studying Veterinary Osteopathy with IMAOV in Paris Oct 2020

    Her hobbies include yoga, meditation, surfing, swimming, hiking, cycling, travelling and reading.

    “I am a registered veterinarian in Australia and the UK, not in France. I am not set up to offer you conventional medicine, surgery or phameuceutical drugs, instead I offer a holistic focus. I can see your pet for chronic or ongoing problems where conventional drugs are not working, and can assist you in setting up healthy protocols for young animals with a focus on nutrition and minimal drugs. My gift is to help you understand the underlying cause of disease and how your animal friend wants to heal. Often the simplest path to wellness is overlooked: clean water, fresh air, time in nature, love, fresh food and exercise”

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    Medicinal Herbs

    Inspired by the work of Juliette de Baircly Levy, we encourage the use of medicinal herbs in the prevention and treatment of disease.

    We grow our own fresh herbs, forage medicinal herbs in the wild, and source organic, ethical products. For herbivorous animals (cows, sheep, horses, and chickens) we encourage you to grow your own herbs that the animals can access to self-medicate.


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